“He is imprisoned, you see, in a temple of nightmares. Every brick is a night terror, a primal fear pored over in the wee hours and given shape by subconscious dread. For some, the prison is a small one. A single room. Others, those who have known true pain, true fear, true darkness…they can make labyrinths, you see. Walls of living pain.”

I must have looked very old, then, and very tired in the harsh light of the monitors. “You’re saying he’s lost, then.”

“Lost? No. We know where he is. Getting there is possible, if difficult. Finding him is tricky, not impossible. But…”


“But it is convincing him to leave that will be the hardest part.” Alyce also looked rather poorly by the artificial light as she looked through the glass at his body. “A temple of nightmares can become rather homely if you spend every day there. If you built it.”

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