You’ve seen them out there, many times. Neglected, abandoned, and confined, denied the life and the care that they so desperately need. We’re asking you to take a moment to think about them.

We are, of course, talking about RVs.

Many people will, on a whim, go out and buy a small pop-up camper. They are small, cute, and seem like the perfect family companion for long road trips. But people do not realize what adopting a young RV entails. Soon, that small pop-up camper may give way to a rambunctious fifth-wheel and eventually a full-size silverback Airstream. Some families, unprepared for the burden, simply chain up their RVs in the back yard and abandon them, which is dangerous to both the RV and to its family.

This summer, please remember: do your research first. Think about whether your lifestyle can truly accommodate an RV before adopting one. And remember: adopting an RV is for life.

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