We’ve all seen it: men-at-arms, trained in the art of war, charging under-armed peasants. All seems well until your best man is incapacitated by a blow from a cast-iron frying pan, that humblest of tools, wielded by a formidable commoner. They usually escape with their life, too!

Worry no more! The Société d’Meurtre, in association with the Crown and Improvisio the Munificent, has developed a solution. Our new course, Critically Panned, offers training and best practices for combating not only deadly frying pans, but all other manners of cookery-based improvised weaponry. From frying pans to saucepots, tureens to chamberpots, we’ve got you covered from raw ingredients to plague-ridden leavings.

As an added bonus, Critically Panned includes a course on martial use of cookery, should your own troops ever be ambushed whilst supping, or if you’re just interested in arming some men with these surprisingly cheap and effective weapons.

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