Happy Apocalypse Friends Animated Series Pitch
Paul McGonnagall had a long, rough night of drinking, and missed the alert of an incoming, mysterious, thermonuclear weapon. The city was totally evacuated into bunkers by the estimated Missile impact at 12:47, but MC doesn’t wake up until 3:15. Luckily for him, the Missile was a dud, city’s population is in long-term shelters underground with no way to get through to them

Paul McGonnagall– Hung-over twenty something who turned to drink to cope with the tedium of office job, slept through the apocalypse

Clara Gross – Love interest, ladytype from a couple doors down who worked in nuclear physics – another heavy sleeper

Forrest “Twig” Schmidt – mid-40s redneck doomsday prepper which didn’t pan out quite as he planned – had his own one-man bomb shelter

Cyrus E. Johnston, Jr. – crotchety 90-year-old WWII vet who was in a medically-induced coma and so unpopular with the nurses that he was left behind, but is excellent at scavenging and surviving

Maya Shivaprima – lady programmer by day, hardcore gamer by night, was deep into a “hard mode” run and missed the evacuation but has to come to terms with the total lack of computer systems

General John J. O’Neill (retired)
– Bumbling sheriff-type, ex-military man who was left in nominal command of the city and sees the disaster as his chance to impose his own vision of extremely petty law and orders. Has gathered other survivors as followers, mostly cooks and laundry workers, but has no access to weapons and mostly relies on harsh language

Series Outline
Main characters’ goal is to reach the bunkered survivors, disarm the nuclear dud, and get everything working again before the city’s infrastructure decays beyond repair. They are opposed by the villian’s attempts at frontier justice and their own bickering over supplies and encounters with other “sleepers.” Each episode is almost like “The Walking Dead” but with the twist that nothing is THAT wrong and nobody has actually died.

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