Squidgey Heights Church of God
1127 Whiteacre Rd.

We set ourselves sharply apart from all the other Squidgey Heights churches that are, by implication, not churches of God or at the very least churches to the incorrect, Latin American, God.

The G Spot
227 W. Hwy 18

You can tell by our name that we are a hip place where young couples, preferably young couples with severa children, can come and worship and tithe together. You can also tell that our name was thought up by an all-male, all-retiree focus group.

Squidgey Arian Church
90 Downton St.

Arianism is a sect so old that it has been the subject of several crusades against it by the Catholic Church. Come see what all the fuss is about, and learn about the minor doctrinal differences that led to millions of deaths, in the church that Pope John XX called “a blight unto the eyes of the Lord.”

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