St. Lucius Church
18 Amby Ave.

Are we Catholic, Lutheran, or simply Anglican? Our sign and website certainywon’t tell you, nor will the Brutalist architecture of our edifice. Come roll the dice and possibly be denied communion this Sunday!

Squidgey United Methodist
221a and 221b Baker St.

We’re a little more divided than united right now, and the two halves of the congregation aren’t really speaking to each other right now. But we are still open for worship and business! Go to the left of the white line painted through the church if you are okay with alternative lifestyles, go to the right if you are a bigot.

Squidgitarian Universalist
1 Infinite Loop

Think of us less as a church than as a buffet, where you go every Sunday (or whatever day you prefer) to worship whatever you want (from a god, other deity, universal life force or even the almighty dollar) or just pick and choose from our combo menu! The Buddhist Special with a side of Yoga-Level Hindu is especially popular right now.

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