Squidgey Mosque
650 McAllister Dr.

We are just here, minding our own business. No proselytizing, no potlucks, just an hour on Friday. Please stop sending us tracts.

Temple Beth Squidgey
1418 Jeru Circle

We were founded so that Shabbat didn’t mean two hours on the road, which means that the Reform and Orthodox folks hate each other and have all but declared open war. Still, you’re welcome any time as long as you bring your own yarmulke, since they are no longer given away for free. There was…an incident.

First Presbyterian of Squidgey
19 Galumph Tr.

Come and meet us in the middle! We have all the symbolism of a Christian church without any of the weird contemporary rock praise band or increasingly-thinly-veiled fascism of some of those other churches. Join the fastest-shrinking congregation in Squidgey and watch the middle be forced out of American civil society in real time!

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