No known person by the name “Vos” exists; rather, this is the best guess at a corroded and worn inscription atop the body of this cowbell. Likely made in the mid 20th century, it would be otherwise unremarkable among items in the Hoard but for its most curious property.

When struck, the bell will attract cattle from up to two miles away. The bovines will come peacefully, but if anyone or anything impedes their movement they will become violent. Smashing fences, kicking open barn doors, and even tramplings and stampedes have been known to occur.

Upon reaching their destination, the cows loiter about–as if waiting for something–for one hour. After that, they gradually wander off, with most returning to wherever they came from. An analysis of scratches on the surface of the Bell of Vos reveals marks from two different kinds of strikers, while only one striker–a metal rod of the same age and construction–survives. Striking it with another material might produce a different effect, but given the dire outcome of experiments so far, further research is unlikely.

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