This item is an ordinary-looking T.35 gas mask of the sort produced in the millions during World War II for both military and civilian use. The filter canister, which once contained hazardous asbestos, has been removed, and the rubber is flaking and rotting in many places. The eyepieces, though, are brilliant and clear and seem to be resistant to any and all dirt, grime, and smudges.

Putting on an old gas mask is dangerous and uncomfortable, but the Mask of Fear is especially so: anyone who puts the mast on no longer feels fear of any kind. They are completely and utterly fearless. While this might seem a major benefit and boon to the layperson, one tends to forget that fear is a major element in preventing self-harm or sociopathic behavior.

The effect is similar to congenital analgesia, the inability of a person to feel pain, but is much broader: wearing the Mask of Fear means no fear of death, no fear of punishment or stigma, and no fear for the personal safety of others. Wearing the Mask, in effect, filters out fear the same way an ordinary mask might filter out poison gas. Everyone who has worn the Mask for any length of time has wound up injured for this reason, though they also describe a feeling of curious empowerment and euphoria.

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