Upon arrival, you will be sorted into one of our five societies:

The Gearsworth Society
Founded by Professor Gertrude Gearsworth, this society prizes mechanical aptitude and the music of fine, interlocking parts. Gadgets are the order of the day, and any force is multiplied many times over.

The Difference Engineers
Founded by CALCUVAC-2, this society favors software approaches to problems and trusts to the infinite wisdom of The Cloud. If you can’t upload your consciousness into a computer mainframe a few times a day, what are you really doing with your life?

The Applied Phlebotinum Group
Founded by Dr. Hans von Kabaum, this society is intensely interested in physical chemistry and is constantly inventing new, useless, and dangerous compounds. Learn to brew molecular acid in your dormitory coffee pot!

The Glow
Founded by Chancellor [REDACTED], the Glow takes an interest in high-energy physics and only high-energy physics. If it can’t be used to end all life on Earth as a side-effect of weaponized use, why bother?

The Splicer Circle
Founded by Lady Catherine Pavlova, the Splicer Circle is all about biological engineering through hybridization, selective breeding, and good old fashioned gene-splicing. Your octo-parrot will agree that this is a growing–one might say enveloping–field!

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