Taro Milk Tea

Polynesian mythology & ancient traditional history of the New Zealanders as furnished by their priests and chiefs by George Grey.

Most people know taro root as a health food staple, but it’s also one of the oldest staple crops in the world and a key food source in the great Polynesian migrations. Read about this history of these epic voyages as filtered through the stodge of a late-1800s British aristocrat.


The Relic: A Novel by José Maria De Eça de Queirós.

Ginja is a potent Portuguese spirit, and so was José Maria De Eça de Queirós. His novel “The Relic” is as intoxicating as sacramental wine but far funnier, and if you didn’t ask its age you’d have no idea it was 133 years old.


The contagious city: the politics of public health in early Philadelphia by Simon Finger.

The city of brotherly love looms large in American history, but even in its early days the city needed to clean up its act. The roots of public health and sanitation have never been more relevant, and the politicians involved are just as dirty then as they are now.

Earl Grey Tea

The Little Tea Book by Arthur Gray.

While we may associate tea, Earl Grey, hot, with a utopian vision of the future that may never come to pass, Prime Minister Charles Grey boldly went where no host had gone before when he served tea with bergamot. This tea book by Arthur Gray (no relation) can help with the steep learning curve.

White Claw™ Seltzer

The legacy of carbon dioxide: past and present impacts by Paul J. Karol.

While fizzy water makes for sparkling conversation, the molecule behind the bubble has a checkered past. Necessary for life, but hardly an ideal gas.

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