Golden Flake™ Vinegar and Salt Chips

Crunch: A History of the Great American Potato Chip by Dirk Burhans.

While eating them is a snap, the history of everyone’s favorite sack of spuds is as warped, twisted, and green as the weird chip left in the bottom of the bag. Remember: you can’t read just one.

Crab Legs

Fishing Yesterday’s Gulf Coast by Barney Farley.

Scuttlebutt has it that this legendary fishing guide had claws for alarm when he realized that the commercial shrimp and crab fishing boats were destroying his beloved waters. Follow his journey from consumer to conservationist as he tackles a problem that’s even worse today than in the 1960s.


Squeezed: What You Don’t Know About Orange Juice by Alissa Hamilton.

Dive into this pulp romance and learn the sweet and sour truth about the ‘healthy’ beverage that is America’s main squeeze. Just don’t blame us if it’s a seedy story.


The informal American city: from taco trucks to day labor by Vinit Mukhija.

The best tacos come from unregulated street trucks; the best bargains come from untaxed garage sales; the best Gucci purses are fakes spread out for sale. But why is this, and why is the trend accelerating in large American cities? We’re in a time of uncertainty for these very cottage industries, and if we’re not careful, the venerable taco truck may go the way of the dodo truck.

Vegetarian mezze

The vegetarian crusade: the rise of an American reform movement, 1817-1921 by Adam D. Shprintzen.

While we tend to view leafing meat off the table as a recent innovation, many utopians in the 19th century were all-in on their own form of green movement. What brought on this first wave of vegetarianism, and why did so many vegetopias fail within their first few years? We know you’ve bean curious.

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