Lowellwood Sanitinyum
Founded in 1880 by one Dr. Phoebus T. Klaus, the Sanitinyum reflects his theory that a rigorous dose of claustrophobia is as important as steam baths, enemas, and high-fiber diets in maintaining general wellness. Though Dr. Klaus’s theories have long since been disproven, the Sanitinyum remains as a modern clinic that, despite renovations, is still pretty small.

This Old Thing Antiques
The island of Lowellwood has been a summer colony for folks on the main island, and This Old Thing has dedicated itself to monetizing this heritage. Through a rigorous program of picking, garage sailing, and dumpster diving, the owners have managed to accumulate a dazzling variety of old, interesting, and potentially cursed items.

Kneadful Things
One of the oldest businesses on Lowellwood, Kneadful Things has been a rising star for decades, and is definitely on a roll. Its frosted Halloween cookies are a seasonal staple, its jack o’lantern pies light up faces the whole island over, and its award-winning breads are favored by all but the crustiest customers. Talk of strange ingredients and sourdough starter of eldritch origin are surely just stale rumors.

Beau Bijoux
A bastion of haute couture on Lowellwood, Beau Bijoux is currently in its third generation of local ownership. Rising up from humble origins when socialite and starlet Marlene Withers retreated to the island and began selling her jewelry to support herself, Beau Bijoux now stocks a dazzling blend of old heirlooms and new stones. Whether you want a rock that rocks or a stone that rolls, Beau Bijoux has you covered! For the adventurous, there is always the Forbidden Collection as well, stones whose histories hint at grim fates for any who would dare to wear.

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