The Green Note
This jazz club started life as a speakeasy during Lowellwood Island’s days as a Prohibition haven, and the music has kept right on playing to the present day. There were difficulties–like a short stint as a juke joint in the 50s and a disastrous discotheque period in the 70s–but The Green Note has persevered. There are still nightly shows from local and roadshow artists, as well as the highly-regarded Green Note Jazz Days festival over Labor Day. It’s widely believed that playing at The Green Note kicks musical careers up a notch, leading to future success. But why do they musicians almost always sing for free?

It’s Bean Real
A hot new beanery on the rise, It’s Bean Real combines artisan roasting techniques with classic architecture to form a heady brew. With the strongest, cheapest, and creamiest coffee for leagues around, some have grumbled that master barista K. D. Brewster is unfairly undercutting the competition, but the coffee shop still follows an ideosyncratic schedule and imposes a strict limit of two cups per customer of the house roast. The house it is built into, the Manseford House, was reportedly unsellable for years, though no one quite remembers why.

Keane Beach
Named after E. Keane, a longtime ferry operator who drowned offshore after delivering a cargo of llamas, this beach is the closest point on Lowellwood to the mainland, allowing it to be seen on clear days. It’s a great place for a family picnic and also serves as the island’s auxiliary port. The lake’s eddies and currents mean that it’s also a great place to find things that have gone missing in its waters–they tend to wash up here.

Warwick Arboretum
A beautiful place with plenty of carefully manicured trees and plants, Warwick Arboretum was donated to Lowellwood by eccentric resident Edward Manseford, whose only condition was that the trees be planted in a very specific configuration and replaced if they ever sickened or fell. Mr. Manseford’s will, in fact, declares that the arboretum is “property of the self-same trees and their natural descendants and adopted heirs” until “such time as the true Owner reveals themselves and claims that which has been held in trust.”

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