Mass Market Groceries and Books
While Lowellwood is too small to support a full-sized grocery store, and far too small for its own bookstore, by combining the two into a single unit, it is a surprisingly viable business. They were separate businesses until 1975, with the bookstore operating as the Lodestone Occult Reading Room and catering to the once-vibrant spiritualist community on the island. Much of the old stock is still onhand in the bookstore half. There is nothing unusual about the grocery half other than the consistently outstanding quality of their fish, which come from an unnamed supplier.

The Wreck of the SS Lola
Lost in a powerful Force 10 gale on the lake, the SS Lola’s remains have become a navigational hazard and occasional target of recreational divers braving the chilly waters. Once piloted by E. Keane, the Lola foundered soon after his death and went to the bottom with a cargo of alpacas, payroll for local businesses, and seven crates whose contents were redacted from the manifest.

Lowellwood Civic Building & Museum
Commissioned at the height of the postwar tourism boom in 1927, the Lowellwood Civic Building houses most of the island’s offices and functionaries. Thanks to automation, a decreased population, and the 1982 abolition of for-profit llama farming, the building was too large for its intended purpose by 1970, which led to the unused portion being converted into a museum.

St. Kilda’s Academy for Wayward Youths
St. Kilda’s prides itself on offering a rigorous boarding school experience intended to prepare troubled youth for careers as public administrators. Local luminaries such as Edward Manseford, K. D. Brewster, and Phoebus T. Klaus can be counted among its alumni. Students enroll in one of four Houses–Hirta, Soay, Boreay, or Dun–and many of the school’s rituals and traditions date back over a century. The disappearance of several Dun House students from a mid-century class continues to excite gossip in the village to this day

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