Yeah, I know it’s a bit of a shock, coming here and seeing things so different. You know, a lot of folks used to practice what they’d say when you finally got loose, what you needed to be brought up to speed. I thought it was a lot of nonsense, so I suppose that’s why you game to me.

We called it the Stop. A little area, maybe a half-acre or so, where everything was just…crawling. At first everyone gave it a wide pass, because he had no idea how big it was. There was just you and that bird, like bugs in amber. But once the street stopped being maintained, we could see where it stopped. They stuck up a warning sign and kept on living.

But anybody with eyes could see that you’d come out eventually.

What’s that? What caused the Stop? You’re asking the wrong guy. It’s like I said about the old flooded city…somebody did something, and stuff just stopped working like it was supposed to. You ever notice I never say the name of that city? You knew it, I knew it, but nobody’s been able to say it. Whatever they did over there, it’s bad enough that not even the name survived.

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