Like blades of grass we stand
And blades of grass we fall
No matter what our orders
We give each task our all

While certainly not the majority, or even the plurality, of troops in the Verdant Empire, the Grassblades are by far the most disciplined and respected. Dressed in distinctive green with leaf-bladed swords, they stand as the physical fulfillment of the Green Emperor’s promise. One unit of Grassblades is raised from every province, thousands strong.

“A blade may die, but never the grass.” In times past, the Grassblades were the uniting force of the empire, expanding its territory and guarding against invaders. However, the latter days have seen most of them dispatched to fight in endless heartland wars over the throne, leaving just a few elderly reservists and raw recruits for the further provinces, often in nominal command of unreliable militia, fickle mercenaries, and the other unreliable troops often derided as “Cuttings.”

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