“Remote Piloted Drone log, pilot Dale Hillman III reporting. Please note timestamp and galactic coordinates.”

“System is Deep Near-Infrared Survey 1248-99. Please pull relevant details from database.”

“System consists of six major and ten minor planets. Append notes to observations as I read them, please.”

“First planet, DNIS 1248-99a, is of a Hot Jupiter type. Limited economic prospects, but possible site for hydrogen mining or dumping.””

“Second planet, DNIS 1248-99b, is terrestrial. .1 Earth masses, relatively few heavy elements, one satellite that appears to be captured asteroid or comet. Limited economic prospects.”

“Third planet, DNIS 1248-99c, is a super-earth. 8.5 Earth masses. Some trace heavy metals and a thin atmosphere. Tagged for possible future prospecting.

“Fourth planet, DNIS 1248-99d, is the big one. It appears to be a former gas giant that has undergone extreme hydrodynamic escape, stripping away all atmosphere and leaving only the core.”

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