In my vision, I approached perfect, immortal, inscrutable Vloles, its turreted walls calling to me across the void, and beheld three shadowy figures perched on its living battlements.

“I am the Light,” said the first. “I bring illumination, but also burning-death, blindness, and charred flesh clinging to bone.

“I am the Dark,” said the second. “I bring obfuscation, but also rest to the weary, shelter to the hunted, and the deep cold of deep, still waters.”

“I am the Nameless,” said the third. “I cannot be known, but to know me would bring madness, so that be a mercy.”

I spoke: “Tell me, oh many-who-are-three, oh three-who-are-many, whether huddled within your walls I might find my beloveds, taken from me first in waking and later in dreaming.”

Their reply: “They are within, for all who pass beyond must first through immortal Vloles, the living city-god, pass.”

“I will seek you then,” said I. “I will sail the Dead River to the City of Aaiun and climb the Infinite Stair, if that be what is required.”

“No,” they said, as one and in unison. “Seek us at Farthest North. Aauin’s way is closed, now.”

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