“A vision of Vloles upon the Dreaming Moon, with your loved one calling to you from its battlements…” Farciya seemed to choke, unable to continue, once Tiris had finished his story.

“Is that so strange?” Tiris said. “The these dreamlands’ strange gods should speak to us through dreams within dreams, speaking in riddles?”

An icy wind from the north broke against the shelter, and the flames guttered as Farciya drew her blanket closer. “No,” she said. “What is strange is that I too, had such a vision Years ago. My kith and kin had died, and I beseeched immortal Vloles for a sign of what I should do next.”

She was silent as the wind whistled again, rising to a savage howl before abating.

“The answer was Harbiyyah,” she said. “Here. Now, I suppose.”

“Tell me what you saw,” Tiris said, his voice taking on a gentler tone. “We can compare our visions, and perhaps in so doing come to know our path a little better.”

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