The creature moved eerily, silently, and where its eyes might have been were a pair of translucent eyelids, with blank white orbs lolling beneath. It charged ahead, bellowing through sharp and yellowed teeth, with its one massive arm pumping furiously with its shorter legs to maintain a furious pace. Of its other arm, only a vestigial stump remained, and the asymmetrical tracks it left suddenly seemed all too familiar.

Farciya drew her knife, but it was barely the size of the snow-thing’s largest canines, and seemed unlikely to do her any good unless she were able to plunge it into some vital spot. Tiris produced the larger axe that they had used to fell firewood during the journey, and when the creature passed him he used the weapon to open its flank, scattering bright crimson across the Harbiyyah snow.

Whatever it was, it could be wounded. It could be killed.

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