Le Clinique Chic
Just because you’re unwell doesn’t mean you have to be unfashionable, and Le Clinique Chic here to make sure that your recovery is as stylish as possible. Come and see why this is River Heights’ fastest growing medical practice, and the only one with a Michelin star.

Old Post Office Public Library
This former house of letters now houses belles lettres, with the dead mail office now given over to the works of dead males. With much of the original architecture preserved even after the post office left, this library is a real package deal. Come in today to get some stamps (on your date-due cards)!

River Heights Boardwalk
What better way to see River Heights than by strolling along its river heights? This chic and eco-friendly area rises to the occasion where other boardwalks, without either rivers or heights, are all wet.

The Barrel Fish Market
For the freshest fish, cleanest crustaceans, and curliest kelp, look no further than the Barrel. Stocked with sushi every Tuesday and Thursday, you’ll know the quality of the bycatch by its fresh odor! With seafood from small-time fishmongers all the way to the massive Happy Fugu zaibatsu, finding what you need is as easy as fish in the Barrel.

Pancake City
You’ll flip for the wide selection of flapjacks at this local rise-and-shine diner. Become a citizen of Pancake City and build a towering skyscraper short stack, or plot out a syrupy zoning ordnance on an award-winning* waffle. Open 24 hours for every meal from breakfast to brunch to breakfast-for-dinner.

*River Heights Breakfast Battle (formerly the Flapjack-Off), 1997.

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