City Hall
This impressive structure is from the late 1800s and was originally the pavilion of the River Heights Regional Progress Fair, intended to show off the sophistication of local industry at the end of the century. After being rebuilt in stone rather than painted paper-mache, it has served faithfully as the municipal building for over 100 years, except for the period 1954-56 when it was closed due to a one-two punch of black mold and potato bugs.

St. Kilda’s Church
There is no St. Kilda in the General Roman Calendar or the Martyrology, but the deacons of St. Kilda’s just say that proves the church is for everyone. The current edifice dates to 1880, replacing an earlier wooden church on the site that was burned down following a lightning strike. When asked if this was a sign of displesure from above, the then-minister replied that if they build a prettier church, it would be less offensive to the heavens. Indeed, the current building hasn’t been hit by lightning since opening across the street from City Hall, which coincidentally incorporates a lightning rod.

St. Kilda’s Churchyard features the final resting place of many of the town’s founders and luminaries, from the first mayor to the first street popcorn vendor. Rumors of buried treasure have led to occasional vandalism, and some of the oldest tombstones are enciphered, but that’s probably perfectly normal for a small-town graveyard, right?

Bowlsley Florists
Named after its original proprietor, long since passed away, Bowlsley mixes the old and the new like a fresh bouquet of pansies and Tudor roses. Its longtime success stems from an enduring eye for arrangements, a passion for peonies, and of course its signature heritage rose breed, Mr. Prickles.

French Flap
This charming booktique invites you to turn over a new leaf with its generous selection of contemporary authors, local favorites, and of course a mystery section loaded with an unknown number of genre thrills. If you feel the need–the need to read–and you prefer the novel idea of shopping local to sending your money to line the pockets of e-commerce billionaires, French Flap has got a timely tome for you.

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