Join or Dye Furniture
Whether you want ready-to-use heirloom-quality furnishings or prefer to land the finishing blow yourself, Join or Dye has you covered. Fine local joinery, in both stained, upholstered, and naked varieties, has been its watchword for over three decades. Try one out, and you’ll agree: their chairs rock!

Play’s the Thing Toyshop
If you think that the best toys don’t have flashing lights, batteries, or wireless internet connectivity, you’ve come to the right place. All the shop’s toys are handmade in the grand santaclausian tradition and guaranteed to put up with decades of roughhousing and chaos.

Scoop! Creamery
This just in: Scoop! Creamery is a cool place until you fudge it up and have to split. A local favorite for decades, with everything from hand-dipped shakes to legally distinct copies of flavors from national brands, everyone has a soft spot for Scoop!

Vol-Au-Vent Fine French Dining
This tidy little Gallic bistro has been catering to sophisticate tastes since the 1970s. Reserve a table and get ready to receive the full brunt of French gastronomy; we’re talkin’ snails, veal, and everything in between. Be sure to leave room for dessert and try one of the famous “fin d’eclair” pastries.

Pollywanna’s Caribbean Cuisine
If you’re looking for tempting treasures from the south seas, then look no further than the fabulous golden horde that is Pollywanna’s signature fried fish. Plunder up a plate from the all-you-can-eat buffet, but be warned: it’s rated arr!

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