From the time she could hold a pencil, she would create fantastic creatures in the margins of books, on napkins, and even carved into living wood. These demonic little characters didn’t just occupy her thoughts; they kept her company. With her family ever on the move, the dark fantasy that unfolded in pencil upon her leaves was her constant companion, for good or ill. For while the creatures were sometimes benign and friendly, with compassion in their claws and feeling in their fangs, at other times they were anything but. The fantastic demons were sometimes haunting, terrifying, and even maddening, but they and their minder brethren had one thing in common.

It was her obsession to draw things that couldn’t draw themselves. And these were things that needed to exist.

Thus she has found that her soul rests with art, from her earliest days in school, surrounded by kind and understanding souls and speaking to rats in eldritch tongues, to the harrowing time when the demons briefly brought her to a boarding school for wayward children. To do anything but art is monstrous, unfulfilling torture.

Her creations, her things that need to exist, relentlessly pursue their goals, regardless of the obstacles, even when it seems like they’re on a doomed quest. They fall in love so quickly and easily, but they have to devour the ones they love to be truly satisfied. Perhaps her heart is the same way; she loves horror and the fantastic, but her imagination brings things to life that have a powerful, vibrant need to be wanted. Some wanderers understand; they have that same incredible creative fire. Identities wrapped up in their ability to make art, they suffer the same agony of creation and ecstasy of making.

Whether seeking enlightenment and dark secrets abroad, crafting characters and campaigns for the twisted world of Dungeons and Dragons, or gyrating herself to a beat that only she can hear, she brings the same dark passion to every project she undertakes. Let her inner fires burn for your project; put her continued striving to improve to work for whatever fantastic purposes you have.

For her creations will always need to exist.

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