“Where I come from, it’s the United State of Vespuccia. I met a guy once from the Columbian Confederacy, a real asshole and a racist to boot, though I’m not sure if it’s his fault or his lousy parallel skein.”


“The really spicy alternate realities, at least as far as I’ve gone, are ones where things worked out a lot better for the people living there when the Europeans showed up. One lady from…Ixachilan, I think it was. No smallpox in that one. What I’d give for one of their history books. I actually read one from the Republican Empire of Runa Pacha. Remember Pizarro? The Incas sent home his head on a spike. Same with the Empire of Abyayala. And boy oh boy, you’d love the Turtle Island Confederation. Let’s just say that Tippecanoe went very differently there, and leave it at that.”

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