“Mississippi A&M is the largest, richest, most prestigious school in the state,” said CJ.

“And by that, of course, she means we have the best football team that’s able to beat Alabama almost 10% of the time,” Tadlow broke in.

“Yes,” CJ said. “Now, all the colleges and universities in Mississippi are overseen by a statewide Board of Directors. The BOD was put in place back in the segregation days to keep everyone in line, and it does pretty much the same thing today. But what they did with President Brice was different.”

“They fired the old president without cause,” Tadlow said. “At-will employment state and all that.”

“Then they hired Brice to replace him. He doesn’t have a doctorate, has never headed a major university, and is the immediate former president of the state Board of Directors for Colleges and Universities. Oh, and he was also the person they put in charge of finding a new president, meaning he took a $100,000 salary to hire himself.”

I whistled. “Damn. That’s the sort of corruption you don’t see much anymore. It’s almost impressive in its brazenness.”

“And that was before all this got started,” CJ continued. “They wanted someone in their pocket to oversee a calm period, reassure our big racist donors, and spend the football team to glory. Instead, we have someone incompetent at the helm during the worst crisis A&M has faced since integration.

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