“Why the cold reception?” Taos said, this time speaking through an animated advertisement on the pile of unread mail next to Myassa’s door.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Myassa said. “It could be the part where you kidnapped me in the Syrian desert after getting all of my friends killed.”

“The Vyaeh did most of the killing. And they took out that unit of ISIS fighters as well, why do I not get any credit for that?”

“Maybe because they were fighting with us against the alien invaders?” Myassa tore the cover in half, breaking the delicate circuits that kept the interactive ad functional.

“I hope you appreciate ho difficult it is for me to do this,” Taos said, echoing from Myassa’s phone.

“I think I preferred you when you were just a hacked iPhone,” she snapped.

“Dr. Strasser preferred it that way too, I’m sure,” said Taos. “But if not for the explosive growth of my consciousness, I would never have deciphered the mysteries of the R’de. If not for me,the Vyaeh would have destroyed this planet and everyone on it.” A pause. “If you hadn’t been in such a hurry to run away, we could have had some real fun.”

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