Kaiserliche und Königliche Luftfahrtruppen Flik 77J “Flying Hoes” Personnel File
Name: Erna Müller
Rank: Oberleutnant
Decoration/Call Sign: Hammer and Nails

Oberleutnant Erna Müller is the second-in-command of Flik 77J, and its most experienced aviation mechanic. She appears to have come from an ethnic German family of good breeding, though all attempts to confirm this have been met by stonewalling from Vienna. Than again, all attempts to confirm most things lead to stonewalling from Vienna, so perhaps too much need not be read into this. By Oblt. Müller’s own account, she left her family to pursue a life of small-engine repair, and worked in the Catseye brothel strictly as a means of making ends meet while trying to support herself.

The office of the inspector-general has been impressed by Oblt. Müller’s dedication, devotion, and skill, which belie her feminine charms. Were it not for the exceptional circumstances around Flik 77J and her female sex, she would be a candidate for field promotion and command of her own Flik.

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