Kaiserliche und Königliche Luftfahrtruppen Flik 77J “Flying Hoes” Personnel File
Name: Tereza Aurel
Rank: Leutnant
Decoration/Call Sign: Spread-winged bat

Unlike many of the other ladies interviewed by the inspectorate general, Lt. Aurel was quite open about her family name and history. She is from Kolozsvár, also known as Klausenburg or Clujnapoca, in Transylvania and is an ethnic Romanian. She seemed to have an excellent memory for the various conquests of that territory since antiquity, and spoke at length about Vlad the Impaler and Elizabeth Báthory, speculating the chances that her father, a grain merchant possibly descended from minor nobility, was related to either. After she had been asked to chance the subject, Lt. Aurel speculated on the length of life the interviewer had remaining to him, claiming to have memorized the relevant actuarial tables. Incidentally, the inspectorate general did look up the figures and confirmed that hers was accurate, if rounded up to the nearest year.

Obviously, an ethnic Romanian is quite suspect given that kingdom’s alliance with the Entente, but Lt. Aurel seemed indifferent to anything but the casualty numbers from the Romanian front, which she seemed to delight in. Naturally, this aroused the suspicion of the interviewer; her reply was that ‘ours is a land of ghosts and we will find it well-stocked for the future.” When pressed, she did indicate that she felt no loyalty to Romania and felt that its ineptitude on the battlefield was a just reward for its perfidy. Other notes on Lt. Aurel include her predilection for wearing black when not in uniform, and–according to all accounts–near-suicidel recklessness on missions.

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