The hoklonote was believed to be a shape-shifting mind-reader, blamed by the Choctaw and Chickasaw for all manners of evil and mischief. It was said that a hoklonote would use its powers to insert itself into the victim’s memories, so that they remembered and trusted it; they would, of course, use that opportunity to visit all sorts of misfortune.

Obviously, even by the standards of elusive supernatural creatures, this means the hoklonote remains firmly in the realm of mystery and legend. There have been many sightings, and people who work with the supernatural often swear to their existence, but concrete evidence, such as it is, has been hard to come by.

One theory, put forth by some in the supernatural services industry, is that hoklonote are similar to the eldritch–beings of mixed human and supernatural ancestry who cannot be accurately categorized or pigeonholed. Whether this is the case or not, they remain supernatural scapegoats for many.

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