Bohpolis, or kowi anukashas, are small people that have lived in the Mississippi River valley for over 10,000 years. They are the little people of human legend, pixies, fairies, and brownies, who accompanied migrants across the land bridge from Asia and therefore have developed a distinct culture. Left behind by the forced removal of tribes like the Chickasaw and Choctaw, the bohpolis were able to remain in their ancestral homes but still exist only in severely reduced numbers thanks to warring with invasive European fair folk.

Contrary to their name, many are now exclusively city dwellers, having been forced out of their ancestral woods by pixies, fairies, and brownies. Their small size and much better grasp of technology than European fair folk has allowed them to find a niche as cable installers, electricians, and communications techs. Typically, they will operate with a human intermediary, but in the age of webcams and e-commerce, some bohpolis now work in collective units, with one “face” speaking for the group in communications via video and phone. Some are quick to blame bohpolis for poor driving, since they have a penchant for rigging up cars with tinted windows to a sophisticated system to allow a group of 8-10 to control a vehicle. However, in reality, bohpolis are extremely careful drivers, as getting pulled over is, for them, at best a dodgy proposition.

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