Whether the hoklonote exists or not, it is beyond any reasonable doubt that the Choctaw and Chickasaw legends of Nalusa Chito, also known as a Impa Shilup or a Nalusa Falaya, is in fact a rendering of what is known in supernatural circles as an eldritch. Obviously this is a vast oversimplification, as various eldritches would not regard a Yogite as being the same as a Shubite or a Dagonite.

But in any case, an eldritch is a person of mixed supernatural and mundane ancestry, specifically in this case one with parentage outside of the realm of normal time, space, and matter. Many beings are incapable of surviving for long in a universe made of normal matter, and so rely on their offspring to act on their behalf. Of course, just as many spurn their parents’ attentions and go their own way.

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