Talent for and in the Art can manifest in unpredictable ways and at unpredictable ages. This is why young Mox–a nickname bestowed upon her for her sharply mocking tone and insults–first learned of her talent for necromancy by inadvertently reanimating her grandfather. He clawed his way out of the ground and battered a farmyard bully half to death before he could be put back down, for good, by pitchfork and torch.

After this, she was expelled from her family’s tenant farm, as they were fearful that Lady Exor would learn of their child’s macabre talents and retaliate. Mox lived in the woods for nearly a year, surviving off only what she was able to instinctively raise via necromancy. An undead wolf served to catch prey, which she could then cook up. A seamstress from a local graveyard could sew her new clothes before falling to pieces.

Eventually, Mox found herself in the village of Gravelines, where she took over an abandoned building as a shelter. Finding two bodies inside and a stash of supplies, she barricaded herself inside with them as her guardians.

Being a half-elf, the product of her human father’s first marriage, has helped Mox in many ways. Without her heritage, mastery over her gifts and survival in the wild would not have been anywhere near as easy.

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