“So I get that you’re Adams,” said Jen.

“Good to know you’ve been paying attention,” Alan said. “You’ll do that internship proud with that sort of observation.”

Jen smirked and continued. “But who’s Hastings?”


“Adams & Hastings Supernatural Cleanup,” said Jen, raising her eyebrows. “You know, the big magnet on the side of the van?”

“Oh, right,” Alan said. “Mr. Hastings is my business partner.”

“And I haven’t met him because…?”

“He’s a silent partner. You’ll agree that in most cases I do all the talking anyhow.”

“How silent are we talking?” said Jen. “Silent as in dead? Because I’d believe that you’re in cahoots with a zombie or two.”

“I am not! I resent that,” Alan said sharply. Then, with a sly smile: “Zombies are made unwillingly. If it’s willing, he’s a lich.”

“A lich, really?”

“Hell no!” Alan said with a laugh. “Look, Mr. Hastings is very much alive, and he is nothing for you to worry about.”


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