As a result, all of the major zombie TV networks, from ZNN to ZBC to Zomb News, have called the 2020 election in favor of challenger Medulla “Dully” Oblongata. With 306 votes in the Encephalic College, Zombie President-Elect Oblongata easily possesses a majority, and has begun his presidential transition into the Blight House.

However, at press time, Zombie President Brayne had not conceded the election. Instead, Brayne insisted that he had won and that all votes cast for his opponent had been “brainless” and that millions of living voters had illegally “crossed over” to stuff ballot boxes for his opponent. ZNN and Zomb News have not found these allegations to be credible, especially considering that Brayne’s political party, the Mortician Party, gained seats in the Charnel House and Deadnete. This was contrary to widespread polls indicating a Necrotic Party sweep.

In his first remarks as Zombie President Elect, Dully Oblongata emphasized his desire to return to former Zombie President Omerta’s policies. “Rather than the wholesale eating of living brains, we will return to a more measured, deliberate pace of brain interaction,” he said. He declined to provide specifics as to how many, if any, living brains this will involve consuming.

Pundits blame the Red Death for Brayne’s historic loss after only a single term, as it has led to hundreds of thousands of new zombies rising from their graves, filling the rolls with first-time voters who do not support Brayne’s hard-line, zombies-first policies. The Mortician Party in particular has been outspoken in denying that the Red Death exists and branding the new living dead as “illegal decadents.”

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