The second floor is reached through a wide set of interlocked staircases and escalators. There is no elevator; perhaps this is for the best, as there would be no escape for anyone who did not have the full use of their limbs.

Lights are dimmer here, and everything is dingier in comparison to the spotless floor above. Items are unpackaged, and laid out on shelves and in troughs, many with signs of use from unknown, previous owners.

What there is may be dirty or broken, but it is often far more useful that what lies above. Small appliances are common, home and consumer electronics, even the occasional computer. But they are also from, perhaps, further afield. Much further.

Very few items have any intelligible language on them, and the few that do are riddled with spelling errors. Even seeing a familiar alphabet is rare, as the warning labels and instructions are all in scripts wholly unknown. The corpus is always too small for any decipherment, of course, but many a linguist has puzzled over them in idle hours.

The appliances often need to be rewired to work, and indeed there are some small nearby shops in the industrial park which do just that. Few have plugs that will fit any outlet, and those that do tend to have the prongs dangerously misshapen or expect live current from the ground.

Toasters are especially common, and perhaps half of them have slots that are designed for some fantastic shape. Curved slots are common; it is easy enough to bow the bread and use them after a $5 rewire. But the toaster with four round slots is curiouser (they have been used for hot dogs, but leakage of grease suggests this was not their original function), as is that with wavy openings. Many have no openings at all, despite possessing heating elements inside. A few seem to be pre-assembled with bread inside, almost always spotted with dazzling mold which withers away into ash when exposed to air or light.

There is also media–music, movies, and more–laid out and roughly sorted. The discs and tapes will sometimes work, but virtually none of the moving images have been deciphered or decoded. Almost every album that has been successfully played is an instrumental.

The second floor is as low as people often go, even the most regular visitors. It is generally safe, but the Butcher will follow the unwary up from the darkness, and it will not hesitate to kill a new target should its quarry escape.

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