“This is Maye Wipperfurth. Our company pays her one cent per post, up to a maximum of $7 USD per day, to leave comments on blogs with our company’s link as both her referrer and her home site. Since Maye is a real person, the comments are 100% unique, relevant to the material, and untraceable as spam.”

“$7 is a lot of money. Why not just have a bot do it for free?”

“Well, that’s $7 gross, not net. We take some off the top for taxes, a little more for a finder’s fee, and the money is only redeemable in an online store that we also operate which drop ships items from AladdinQuick. So it drives traffic to our site, most of the money stays with us, and we also build relationships with the AladdinQuick people, who’ll be running this miserable pebble in 15 years. 20 tops.

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