Name: Charline Blue
Codename: Azure
Skillset: HUMINT
Former model and exotic dancer. Recruited after stealing the identity of a patron’s estranged wife and living as her for six months.

Name: Sterling Pizarro
Codename: Inca
Skillset: Data analysis
24th-great grandson of Francisco Pizarro through one of his mistresses. Recruited after redirecting all funds for internet game company Whiteout Entertainment through his offshore credit account and using the accrued reward points for free Amazon purchases for two years.

Name: Sherman Purtee
Codename: Gorgeous
Skillset: Safecracking, burglary
Former model and exotic dancer. Recruited after using a wild bachelorette party to crack a Sausalito safe and steal $200,000 in diamonds, which he then fenced.

Name: Pamula Parreira
Codename: Vine
Skillset: Acrobatics, lockpicking
Former Olympic-class acrobat and tumbler. When her trainer attempted to stunt her growth with modified hGH, she picked the lock and dosed him instead–fatally. Recruited after escaping custody for the tenth time while awaiting trial.

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