“My favorite was always Prisoner of the Striders, did you ever read it?” Mallory said.

“Isn’t that one of the Tintin books?” said Sunny. “I ever read any of those French comics.”

“No, it’s one of the Sparrowverse stories that Sandra Cooke Jameson wrote.” Mallory grew more animated as she talked, gesturing with both hands. “It was in one of her short story collections. Song of the Sparrows maybe.”

“Sparrowverse?” Sunny arched an eyebrow. “Sounds flighty.”

“It’s a bunch of short stories and novels about the lives of birds. Starting with sparrows, eventually with other birds too. They made an animated movie out of one of them in the 70s, and Netflix is working on a show, I think?”

“So what is Prisoner of the Striders about, then?”

“A bird disappears, but another one sees it in a human’s house. They call us striders, we’re the striders in the title. So the missing bird’s friend goes on this big journey to find the house and rescue it, but it turns out to just be a photo framed on the wall. It’s really sweet and really sad.”

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