Client Worlds
Vyeah control over client worlds tends to be primarily economic. A high commissioner is appointed, as well as the skeleton of a Vyeah bureaucracy. The world is upgraded to connect to the encrypted FTL network, and the Vyeah are granted a monopoly on all products, natural resource exploitation, and raising of armed troops.

In practice, once all the levers of power are in their hands and the world has been defanged as a potential adversary, the Vyaeh tend to leave it alone. They sell some technology and extract some resources, but most of this is spent to fund the costs of the High Commissioner. By dribbling down advanced technology and appointing puppets, the Vyeah are able to halt would-be foes before they can become threats. Only in cases of prolonged insurgency will they commit additional resources or off-world troops.

Earth is one such world.

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