Conscripted Worlds
Worlds that are technologically advanced enough to resist the Vyeah on equal or near-equal terms are generally subject to much harsher treatment, especially if they resist occupation. These worlds are occupied with more troops, expected to furnish ships and troops to Vyeah commanders off-world, and generally exploited more heavily with the goal of reducing them to the level of a Client World or, if necessary, a Cleansed World.

Some species, like the Krne, colonized multiple worlds and in this case each is treated separately. Some Krne colonies have been model Client Worlds, while others have continually risen against the Vyeah, requiring harsher and harsher putative measures, until some were finally cleansed in frustration.

Earth was far too primitive a backwater to be even considered for this fate. It was far cheaper and more efficient to simply economically dominate it.

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