“I seek to travel to dark Korton, the Black City,” the woman said.

“Which you will not reach, as it is an arduous journey,” Orthian Maillot said.

“And from there, I cross the plains of Laïs, beneath the deadly light of Køs the Cruel Star,” the woman continued, unafraid.

“Which is so difficult that even those who reach Korton settle there forever rather than risk the rays of the cruel star,” Orthian said.

“I will reach Insbara, and perhaps even enter its labyrinth to satisfy my own curiosity.”

Orthian stopped her. “Who are you, that so confidently states she will travel where the great explorers of our age have fallen short, laid low by the dreamlands?”

“I am Le Aaiun, and I will follow in their footsteps and succeed where they failed.”

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