“That’s Vigorish Sleesh,” said TCG-80. “Some folks know him as the new Andromeda Fats, but not me.”

“Tiny” Bucca frowned. “He just looks like a slug in a fancy suit to me. Andromeda Fats was more than just a tub of lard, he was the best Tarazed Hold-Em player in the Fifty Systems.”

“Ah, but Mr. Sleesh has a secret weapon,” TCG-80 replied. “He has a tumor in his probability gland, you see. Quite inoperable, but also rather benign.”

“Aldebaran bareaks have probability glands?” Bucca said.

“So do you, yours is just so small that it hardly makes a difference. But Sleesh? He will always have the least statistically likely set of cards in any given game. Most of the time that’s a winning hand, but not always. He loses just enough bad beats to keep him coming back.”

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