Successful Applicants Will:
-Have and enthusiastic and high energy at all times

-Keep the entertainment level high

-Wave at cars and pedestrians passing by outside of the establishment

-Preserve the secret identity of the mascot, without which it has no power

NEVER deviate from the mascot’s established mannerisms, thoughts, philosophy, and soul

-Administer a stable of 5-7 other costumed mascots

-Coordinate costume maintenance and signage on a daily basis for said stable

-Help clean soiled costumes (vacuum, wipe down, re-sew, etc.)

-Track down costumes and mascots that have gone “on walkabout”

NEVER cross 24th St or Avenue E in costume or allow others to do so

-If necessary, ensure others in costumed mascot stable do not cross 24th St or Avenue E

No experience needed.

Must be at least 16 with high school work permit.

To apply, present proof of social security card and ID to Nephi Insurance Agency Inc.

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