“Mysteries?” Josiah said. “Yeah, Tecumseh County’s got mysteries. But you’re not gonna like them.”

“Hit me,” Heath said. “I want to hear all about it.”

“You say that,” Josiah laughed, “But I don’t think you’re quite ready for the…”

Mystery Poo Poo Flowers of Tecumseh County

“Wait, the what?” said Heath. “Poo poo flowers?”

“You asked for it, so please keep your arms and legs inside until the mystery has come to a full and complete stop,” snapped Josiah. “But yes, an enduring mystery around here is the legendary…”

Mystery Poo Poo Flowers of Tecumseh County

“Please stop saying it like that,” Heath said, squirming. “Like the outside of a really bad movie theater.”

“Now, you know as well as I do that folks around here walk their dogs but don’t usually clean up the mess,” Josiah continued, ignoring Heath. “So there’s always been dog poo around here and there, landmines for unwary feet. But within the last couple of years, some of them–not all!–have been converted into the…”

Mystery Poo Poo Flowers of Tecumseh County

Heath wrinkled his nose, disgusted. “How?”

“Nobody knows! Folks who have seen them say it looks like somebody came by with a mold and pressed it into the poo, squashing and stretching it into a little flower shape. But no one knows how, or why, or who.”

“All they know is poo,” Heath said, tongue out. “Give me a better mystery, please.”

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