“Uh, honey? Why did we just get a check in the mail from BlueLight Insurance?”

“Oh, I switched to them and saved 15%, just like they said in their ads.”

“Wouldn’t that still mean we were sending them checks? Or auto-bank-withdrawals?”

“Nope! I was already paying $0 with Insuranch, so 15% off of that means they have to send me money.”

“We just switched to Insuranch! Was that some kind of introductory offer?”

“They promised me 15% off of what we were paying with Pharos. Who offered me 15% off what I was paying with RaceCar. Who offered me 15% off what I was paying with Affinitin. And so on! All it takes is a little math, and some careful reading of fine print, and it’s a loophole that can be exploited.”

“Honey, you’re not going to tell me they’re that stupid. They’d have closed that loophole the second someone else tried it.”

“I’m the first. Turns out cutting percentages and fractions from the national math curriculum was a bad idea.”

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