“Is it art block?” Cimino said. He looked around the art studio, which was positively festooned with studies. “You don’t seem to be having any problems making art.”

“Look at it all again,” said Dempsey. “See if you can pick out the problem.”

Cimino glanced at sketches, linearts, chiaroscuro shadings, and more tacked up around the studio. “Uh, no idea,” he said.

“There’s no color!” Dempsey roared, swatting at a sheaf of his latest artworks. “All monochrome!”

“And…why is there no color?”

“I can’t decide on it. I can’t blend it. I second-guess myself and then throw the art in the trash. It’s like I’ve forgotten how to color altogether.”


“It’s not artblock. It’s colorblock.”

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