Necrosia wasn’t her real name, of course. But with the given name of Nancy Crozier, abbreviated to N. Crozier, and a flair for the melodramatic, the nickname stuck early and hard. In fact, it was what had first drawn she and Mortis together when they were matched on an app that was sophisticated enough to recognize their extremely metal nicknames.

And now, after both of them had died, she was supposedly working UnDeadCon 21’s Fast Zombie booth, for the slower and more lumbering undead who were interested in speed training.

“Fast Zombies? Pfft. That’s a fad.” A mummy wearing an UnDeadCon 21 staff tee said. “Slow and steady wins the race.”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion on them,” Mortis said. “I’m not joining up. I just want to talk to the girl running their booth.”

“Slow and steady,” the mummy said, jerking a thumb at his chest. “I’ve been doing it since 1824 BC, I should know.”

“I’’m just interested in 2021 AD if you don’t mind,” Mortis said. “Now are you gonna point me in the right direction, or am I going to have to ask that wight and put ‘very dissatisfied’ on my feedback card?”

The mummy gestured to the back of the exhibit hall. “In the 600 row,” he said. “I expect that card to read ‘excellent’ now, y’hear, or I will curse the ever loving shit out of you.”

“Ehh, we’re at an ‘above average’ right now,” Mortis said, shambling off. “But we’re getting there.”

Sure enough, in the 600 row–booth 666–Mortis could see a very sporty and aerobic-looking booth for Fast Zombies. It even had a back door, which presumably led to a training area or whatever other alchemy they used to get corpses to move at lightning speed.

And he caught a glimpse–only a glimpse–of Necrosia as she slipped through that selfsame door. Moving as fast as he could to catch up, he was blocked by a friendly-looking demon in booth 665.

“Hey friend, interested in selling your soul?” she said, thrusting a clipboard in Mortis’s face. “As an undead abomination, it’s practically free money!”

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