So every month, in a pit out back
He put his secrets to the flame
Raking papers as they turned black
They were mysteries without name

Surely no one in such a small town
Could have secrets grim and dark
Yet still his neighbors all did frown
And they gathered at the park

“We simply must know,” the people said
“The secrets in all those fires”
“That man must surely wish us dead”
“If there’s so much raised his ire”

A traveler was passing through
And overheard this reverie
A bit of magic did they know
“This sounds like good news for me!”

Approaching the people as they spoke
The wizard offered to the throng
“Around his house let me have a poke”
“And you’ll have his secrets long gone”

“Tell us how,” came a shout as he left to go
And the wizard heart their plea
“I’ll ask the ashes and then you’ll know”
“For a very reasonable fee”

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